Our story

In 2006, SunWest Christian Fellowship sent out a group of excited men and women to form a second campus in the community of McKenzie Lake in Calgary, Alberta. For just over 10 years, we grew, served, and did life together. More families joined us along the way. SunWest McKenzie, simply put, was, and is, about people who have committed themselves to follow Jesus Christ and live according to His teachings.

Purpose: To Guide all people in a lifelong authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2017, we reached a turning point and the congregation decided to release SunWest McKenzie as it’s own church to better meet the needs of McKenzie Lake and the surrounding area.

Summit Church was born!

We still exist to guide all people in a life long, authentic relationship with Jesus. What an adventure this is! It’s why our name – Summit – means so much to us. It grounds us in the community we live in, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and connects us to all the times in the Bible that God met his people on the mountains. We’re not perfect. We’re not spiritual giants. We don’t dress up in fancy clothes or expect you to – unless that’s how you’re comfortable. Instead, we move in faith that God wants to meet us here and do something truly exciting and unique in and through us.


Zoom Church Lobby | starting @ 10:00am

Facebook Live Services | Sunday @ 10:30am

Mckenzie Lake Community Centre
16198 McKenzie Lake Way SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 1L7