Authentic, life-changing relationship with Jesus doesn’t happen on Sunday mornings alone. Neither does authentic community with others. It takes work and time, seven days a week, in the everyday ups and downs of life. Life shared with authentic community guides us into life change. Nobody needs to – or should – do this life alone.

Life groups are a part of how we do life in community. Whether you are meeting in a home, fishing, running or eating together, these communities help us grow in our character and faith in a way that we cannot grow by simply attending a weekend service. We were created by God with a desire to know others and to be known.

“To me, life groups are a place where our church members can develop a deeper relationship with one another; support each other; express and develop their faith; encourage each other; learn about faith and scripture; learn about and understand other’s views and perspectives, all within a safe environment.”

Life groups are “a way for people to connect on a more intimate level than what we might experience with only attending a church service. There is only so much you can process and experience on your own; it’s been invaluable over the years for us to have a group of individuals that we can be vulnerable with and ask real questions with together. And even if you removed the ‘friendship’ element, life group is what really contributed to my growth as a Christ Follower, being able to dig a little bit deeper into the word and hear a handful of perspectives that challenged my own.”

“We have definitely been able to share a lot with our life group. There has been a lot of vulnerable sharing and it’s been wonderful to pray with each other and build one another up.”

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